Baby Blocks - Animals


Little ones will learn all about their favorite animals with this 3-in-1 set of chunky board books, each with charming illustrations and easy sentences to be read and enjoyed over and over.

In On the Farm, we wake up to a rooster crowing and start the day with our favorite farm animals: fluffy sheep, quacking ducks, and even an alpaca chewing on hay! The chickens peck, and the pigs take a mud bath. As the day winds down, we wish good night to all the animals. 

In the Ocean takes us on an adventure beneath the waves. We meet colorful jellyfish and little seahorses. The dolphins leap and play, while a huge whale swims by. We wave goodbye to the sea turtles as they swim out to sea.

In At the Zoo, we meet all the exciting creatures you can visit at your local zoo! Tall giraffes stretch their necks to eat the tastiest leaves. Monkeys swing through the branches, and elephants wave their trunks. The hippos wiggle their ears and hope you'll come back to visit again.

Size: 8.74 x 2.54 x 8.74 cm

Age Suggestion: Baby- 4 Years

Number of Pages: 16