Oh No, the Aunts are Here

Every family has its special aunt: the cool aunt, the wacky aunt, the scary aunt. But this family has ALL THE AUNTS. The escalating chaos of On Account of the Gum meets the grounded absurdity of Nothing Rhymes with Orange in Adam Rex's laugh-out-loud take on family reunions.

Shhh, listen. Do you hear that?
Oh no. Oh dear. Oh . . . my . . . godmother.

They've traveled on planes, in taxis, and across state lines. And now they're here at the doorstep, a cheesy gift in one hand, the other poised for a pinch on the cheek.


This hilarious, laugh-out-loud depiction of one girl's all-too-recognizable experience takes readers young and old on an emotionally bombastic staycation in a picture book that celebrates the universal and endearing strangeness of family.

Size: 9 x 11 

Suggested Age:  5-8 years

Number of Pages: 40