Little Diggers Cotton Adventure Sun Hat


This sun hats provide the best UV sun protection with a rating of UPF50+ meaning it provids excellent sun protection according to Skin Cancer Foudation.  The 50+ UPF rating is achieved through fabric weave and hat construction. No harmful chemicals or dyes are added. So, you can count on years of UV protection that will never wash off. Made for babies, toddlers, and kids.   This adventure hat features long neck flap & wide brim for full sun protection for the head, neck and eyes.


  • Breathable 100% cotton
  • Gro-With-Me®: Drawstring head adjustment & adjustable chinstrap ensure perfect fit for longer wear
  • Superior Sun Protection: 50+ UPF breathable cotton and wide brim strengthened to stay up in front.
  • Stay-on: Chin-strap ensures hat stays put when windy or from pulling
  • Safe: Break-away safety clip on the chin-strap
  • Packable: Light weight and easily foldable to fit in a pocket for easy storage and travel