Every One is Special: Dads

This colorful little book is a celebration of how all dads are different, and how our differences make us special.
Every PERSON (and every cat, dog, fairy, and dinosaur) is special, and every BODY is different, too—whatever their shape, size, age, or hairstyle!  Among the fun, there is a serious point to be made. Now, the differences between us can seem wider than ever. This series of bright little books provides a way to encourage young children to accept and embrace the idea of difference.

These will make great little handbooks for every child. There is one for every occasion and every important person in their life. Each providing a handy little slice of life-affirming positivity and fun!

    Book Size:  18.08 x 1.42 x 18.08 cm

    Pages:  16 Pages 

    Age Suggestion: 3-5 years